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Welcome to Own A Kona: the information site for franchising with Kona Ice. This website will provide all the details you could possibly need to hopefully leave you so impressed that there’s nothing else to do but join our 1200+ franchises across the United States as they hit the road daily. This is an opportunity to own your own business and make a difference in your community. We want to be the company that can get you where you need to go.

Now, this isn’t just any shaved ice: this is the fluffiest, most delicious shaved ice this side of the islands. We have completely rebranded an old favorite and given it a new twist by bringing this sweet experience directly to the customer.

Take a look around. Spend some time learning about who we are and what we do; there is a lot to see. You’ll find there is much to offer with Kona Ice and how we have gone from the idea of creating a better ice cream truck to one of the fastest growing franchises in the world. We’re not here to sell you on our company; there’s no funny business, it’s just the facts. So go ahead, take a look around! We think you’ll like it here.

Kona Ice Truck



• state-of-the-art, mobile shaved ice truck
• over 800 trucks all around the country
• patented Flavorwave®


Our Delicious Product

• sweetened with pure cane sugar and all-natural stevia leaf extract
• fortified with vitamins C & D
• offering proprietary, trademarked flavors
• Smart Snack approved


Experience Kona Ice

• creating a one-of-a-kind self-serve experience with our patented Flavorwave®
• brand power with over a thousand points of sale, in over 45 states in the U.S.
• ability to interact with our Kona Ice characters on our app
• steel drum music on-board the truck reminiscent of being in the islands


Your Corporate Team

• 24/7 equipment support staff
• a team of creative and marketing specialists including designers, animators, marketers, and social media experts
• an annual Kona Konvention
• merchandisers, trainers, regulation experts, advisors, and educators


Our Franchisees

• thousands of franchisees in the Kona Ice family
• hear from over 100 of them
• ranging from millennials to retirees


The Business of Shaved Ice

• hands-on training at Kona Corporate
• three day, all expenses paid
• meet your Kona Corporate partners


Nearly $100 Million

• part of our business model: donate nationally to local communities

• giveback millions each year

• help great organizations in your community

• help your community as you grow together


More Than A Truck

• the Kona Mini for indoor events
• the Kona Kiosk for semi-permanent venues
• the Kona Trailer for permanent locations